Wooley Dutton spent her youth largely in England and Australia, was educated in the Mid-West with an apprenticeship in Mexico, and achieved career success in Boston. But it is two small islands, one in Florida and one in Rhode Island, that most intimately inform her work.  


Wooley Dutton’s entire career focus has been in the world of visual arts integrating branding and communications development across a broad range of categories especially from her former role as Managing Partner, Director of Design, at The Boston Group. Today, Ms. Dutton’s visual acuity is focused on painting.  In her studios in Anna Maria and Jamestown, Ms. Dutton is a prolific painter immersed in exploration of the natural world and finds joy in developing subjects such as the firmament, birds and color play. Her work is characterized by life experiences and elements drawn from her beloved islands. 


Dutton’s credentials include numerous awards in the commercial sphere; her work by commission and acquisition is held in many private collections, and she is a frequent participant in juried residencies and master workshops that nurture her explorative drive. 

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